Helen SILVIE has performed the most important pieces of the classical repertoire written for the harp by such composers as:
Bochsa, Naderman, Debussy, Ravel, Hasselmans, Parish-Alvars, Tournier, Grandjany ...
Traditional Celtic, Breton, Irish, Gallic and Scottish pieces
She has arranged more than 300 songs with an international flavor, specifically for the harp.
She has created many works for contemporary composers.

Musical Creations:

Dia Succari
Flute and harp: At the Palace of Time
Harp: Moon Smile/Heleniades: sonata in 3 movements/ Pieces from the Middle East
Oboe and harp: Oriental dance

Mariannig Larc’hantec
Harp: Toccata
Flute and harp: Marines

Jean-Michel Damase
Harp: concertino cadence (performed for the first time in the United States and in France in 2000)

Jim Niblock
Harp and string orchestra: Pastel

Désiré Dondeyne
Quintet for harp solo and string quartet
Quintet for harp and wind quartet: Oriental Visions
Harp solo and wind quintet: Triptych
Harp: 4 Preludes
Flute, harp and string orchestra: Double Concerto
Vocal, flute and harp: The Village under the Sea
Flute and harp: Air with variations based on a popular theme
Flute, harp and harpsichord: 4 Bagatelles
Flute, violin, viola, cello, and harp: Rustic (Country) Scenes

Flute, harp and small orchestra: Double Concerto for flute and harp

R.Schumann/D. Dondeyne
Harp and string quartet: Arabesque opus 18

Bernard Fleurette
2 Harps: Oriental Suite
Harp: Theme and Variations
Oboe and harp: 3 Oriental Sketches
String quartet and harp: Desert Song
Pedal Harp or Celtic harp and string orchestra: Medieval Suite

Frédéric Jacqmin
Oboe, harp and string orchestra: The Two Wings of the Angel
Harp and string quartet: Imaginary Portrait; Tribute to Villa-Lobos

Philippe Capdenat
Saxophone and harp: 3 Dances

Seiko Kawasaki
Harp, flute string quartet and marimba: Shudders in the Reflection